What is Auto trading Binance and How is It Used ?

Auto trading Binance

Auto trading Binance, also known as robot trading or system trading, is a way of participating in financial markets by running programs that enter and exit trades according to predetermined rules.

As a trader, you will combine in-depth technical analysis with setting position parameters such as open orders, trailing stops, and guaranteed stops. Your trades are managed end-to-end so you can spend less time monitoring your positions.

Auto trading Binance allows you to execute a large number of trades in a short period of time and has the added benefit of reducing the impact of emotional decisions on your trading strategy. This is because the action rules are already created based on the parameters you set. With some algorithms, you can even use preset strategies to follow trends and trade accordingly.

This auto trading Binance feature allows you to automatically invest in cryptocurrencies and earn passive income. This is a dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy. You can choose which cryptocurrencies to buy daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Your BNB purchases will be automatically deposited into the BNB Vault and purchases of other cryptocurrencies will be credited to your simple earn flexibles account, allowing you to earn passive income from your investments.

How to Use Auto Trading Binance

Login to your Binance account and click EARN > AUTO INVEST.

You will see the cryptocurrencies available for your automatic investment. You can choose to create an automatic portfolio investment plan to buy multiple cryptocurrencies in a portfolio or create an automatic investment plan for a single cryptocurrency.

Auto trading Binance
Auto trading Binance

Also, with the AUTOFILL feature, you can easily purchase multiple cryptocurrencies while still having enough flexibility to adjust your balance within your wallet plan. Before accessing, you can select the term of the asset to verify the simulated ROI. You can also click the chart icon to view the historical performance of the asset.

Before you create an automatic investment plan, learn more about how it works and read the frequently asked questions. If you’re using the website, please scroll to the bottom of the page for FAQs. If you are using the application, click on MORE INFORMATION to access tutorials and the frequently asked questions section.

How to Create an Automated Portfolio Investment Plan

You can view your current auto trading Binance investment plan, portfolio value, and profit and loss in the MY AUTO TRADING PLAN section on the auto trading home page. To manage your auto trading Binance investment plan, click on SUMMARY PLAN.

To view the purchase history of your investment automatically, click GO TO HISTORY.

Go to AUTO INVESTING to see all your plans. Use the buttons under ENABLE/DISABLE to pause or resume the plan. To edit the plan, for example, to change the trading frequency, click EDIT. To stop the schedule permanently, click DELETE SCHEDULE.

You can check the purchased cryptocurrency on AUTO INVESTMENT JOURNAL.

Where Are My Purchased Assets Through Auto Trading Binance?

Your BNB purchases will be automatically credited to the BNB Vault and your other cryptocurrency purchases will be credited to your Simple Earn Flexibles account for passive income.

You can redeem the purchased cryptocurrency at any time in WALLET > EARN. Navigate to the asset you want to refund and click REFUND.

Pause, Suspend and Edit My Auto Trading Binance Plan

On the Auto Invest page, click GO TO EARN WALLET > AUTO INVEST to view your plan. To pause or resume the plan, press the ON/OFF button. To permanently stop a plan, click [ ⋮ ] next to the desired plan and select DELETE PLAN.

You can edit the plan if, for example, you want to change the amount or frequency of your investments, go to AUTOMATIC INVEST. You can see all the current plans at the top of the page. Click the EDIT icon to edit the plan.

If you have enabled the USE FLEX BALANCE feature, and if your wallet account balance is insufficient to purchase an auto trading Binance plan, the system will automatically deduct funds from your flex plan to complete the purchase. If you do not enable this feature, purchases will not be processed. The system will attempt to make a new purchase on the next automatic investment date.

The Auto Invest transaction fee is 0.2% of the amount of Auto Invest assets purchased and is charged in the Auto Invest currency. Binance may change these fees from time to time and will announce such changes on the website or by modifying these IA Terms.

What is Grid Trading in Spot and How it Works?

Grid trading is a quantitative trading strategy. This type of auto trading Binance buys and sells automatically. It is designed to generate market orders at preset time intervals within the configured price range.

Online trading is done when orders are placed above or below a specified price, forming a grid of orders at prices that gradually rise and fall. This is how the transaction grid is created.

Binance grid trading works best in markets that show volatility when prices fluctuate within a certain range. Essentially, online shopping tries to take advantage of small price changes. Using quantitative trading helps you trade rationally and avoid FOMO as much as possible.

What Is Margin Trading?

Margin trading is a method of exchanging assets using funds provided by a third party. Margin accounts give traders access to more capital than regular trading accounts, allowing them to leverage their positions.

Basically, auto trading Binance margin trading maximizes trading results so that traders can earn more profit from successful trades. This ability to improve trading results makes margin trading particularly popular in low volatility markets, especially the international forex market.

However, margin trading is also used in the stock, commodity, and cryptocurrency markets. Funds lent in traditional markets are usually provided by investment brokers. However, in cryptocurrency trading, funds are usually provided by other traders who earn interest based on market demand. Although less common, some cryptocurrency exchanges also offer deposits to their users.

What is Simple Earn?

Simple Earn allows you to earn daily rewards by depositing available funds with flexible or fixed terms. You can subscribe or redeem products at any time to keep your funds flexible and liquid while earning daily rewards.

See the terms and conditions of each product for more details. Lock-in products provide higher returns in exchange for having your assets tied up for a fixed period with scheduled payment dates. You may choose to redeem your entire balance at any time prior to the redemption date, but any rewards earned or received prior to that date will be forfeited.

There are many ways to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. But the most profitable methods are trading or mining and these often seem complicated and inaccessible to beginners.

Although many financial mechanisms in the DeFi space are risky and have extremely low returns, there are more efficient, safer, and easier ways to generate income from cryptocurrencies.

The Binance P2P platform allows cryptocurrency users to earn cryptocurrency rewards. The operation is based on the selection of some tools offered by the exchange platform to work with cryptocurrencies. From basic instruments, such as asset conversions, to complex instruments, such as futures or margin trading operations.

How Does Binance Pay Daily Rewards to Users?

Your Simple Earn holdings can be used for a variety of purposes, including other Binance business entities. Funds deposited in the flexible product can be used for Binance trading operations. They can also be used as part of digital assets lent to other users (for example, they can be used in cryptocurrency loans and margin products). Binance is obligated to return your Digital Assets and Simple Earnings Rewards to you, whether or not your use of Digital Assets generates Digital Assets for Binance.

Binance can also use your Simple Earn funds to invest in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network. In PoS staking, users invest their cryptocurrencies in smart contracts to perform various network functions (such as confirming transactions). In return, they are rewarded for their efforts. The stake uses incentives to maintain network security through ownership.

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