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NFT Games

Top Of The Best NFT Games You Can Find Today, And A Brief Description Of Each One.

The world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs is attracting more and more eyes from all sectors of society, including the video game industry. Developers have not taken long to create NFT games for different platforms that exploit these possibilities. Although games for mobile devices predominate.

Play to Earn games are hosted on blockchain and feature a digital asset-driven economy, which are typically non-fungible tokens (NFT). This makes it easy for players to claim ownership of game assets through three different strategies.

Some of these NFT games are of questionable quality and there are even many that take advantage of players. In Noticias Diarias 24 we have made a selection of the best NFT video games with the aim that you have a good time playing them and that you can try to get some profitability. Without further ado we leave you with our ranking of NFT video games.



Spliterlands is another of the great NFT games on the market and is very similar to what Clash Royale offers. It is a card-based tower defense where players can freely buy, sell, rent and trade their digital assets.

The conditions of the game are set by the cards called Splinters, so the game will develop according to their abilities or conditions. The rest of your cards will be creatures, the ones in charge of doing damage to your enemy and protecting you.


Lucky Block: a sports game

This is a Play to Earn title in which players must compete for real-world prizes. The idea is to start by buying a Lucky Block NFT, as these tokens are used to participate in different contests within the game. Each NFT awards a reward according to the number of tokens the user has.

This NFT games works with Lucky Block smart contracts, so anyone can participate in a competition, and participants can be sure that the winners were chosen randomly. The game also conducts secondary draws for people who did not make it to the main draw.

Of course, participants who win get real-world prizes, but they can also use their tokens for future competitions.


Battle Infinity: a game that combines blockchain and virtual reality.

Another of the most profitable and recommended NFT games for those who are looking to enter the Play To Earn world is Battle Infinity. This NFT-based title combines blockchain technology and virtual reality. At the moment, the game is in the pre-sale phase, but it is still considered one of the best on the market.

Battle Infinity was created with the aim of being playable by everyone, without requiring advanced technical knowledge or experience in the subject. Therefore, its game mechanics is simple, just create an account, form a team and compete with other players.

Battle Infinity NFT allows users to play in several leagues, such as the IBAT Premier League, where it is possible to buy players to form teams and maximize the players’ potential when it comes to winning a competition. It is important to note that players will be able to choose their team name and customize their avatar.

The title has a standard PvP mode and a PvE mode in which players must complete quests to collect resources and level up their characters. These missions can be completed alone or in cooperation with friends.


Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is another of the best NFT games you can find in the market. It is a video game based on blockchain located in the play-2-earn category and that rewards its players with the TLM token, called trillium within the game, a fundamental resource for the operation of the game.

At the beginning of your game in Alien Worlds you will get a character and a shovel to start mining tokens. This way you can find both trillium and NFTs that you can keep, upgrade or sell. You can also acquire land on the planet you inhabit so that players pay you a tribute for mining on it.

Alien Worlds is one of the best NFT games without investment, although as in most of them, everything will be much easier if you invest some money.


Gods Unchained

It is a collectible card NFT games that in addition to having an excellent visual appearance, is the first blockchain game to be launched on Immutable X. This ZK Rollup scalability solution for Ethereum offers low fees and fast transactions.

Best of all, this title is one of the few truly free-to-play games that allow you to earn money. In addition, it is a good alternative for gamers, as it values real skills and allows progressing according to each user’s experience.

The idea of Gods Unchained is that players obtain GODS by playing and winning tournaments, and then use them to create new cards, buy chests and card packs, or staking with the token to obtain performance rewards.

These cards are sorted by four quality levels: diamond, gold, meteorite and shadow.



Illuvium is a blockchain game in an RPG and open world setting to be released soon. Players travel through a fantastical world, defeating and capturing creatures known as Illuvials. Once you have them in your collection, you can use the Illuvials to fight other players as you complete quests, complete challenges or play the Illuvium story.

The main mechanic of the Illuvium project is to collect and customize your NFT Illuvials. Each Illuvial has an affinity and a corresponding class. There are five classes and five affinities, all with unique strengths and weaknesses. Your Illuvial will become more powerful as you win battles and complete quests.

All Illuvium game assets, including Illuvials and items, can be traded in a NFT games marketplace. To earn Illuvium’s in-game coins, ILV and sILV, you can buy the token on Binance and start making stakes on Illuvium’s platform, or make stakes with partner tokens in its Flash Pools.


Decentraland: the open world metaverse game

In Decentraland, players use their native MANA token to buy all kinds of virtual goods. In this way they can purchase everything from land, plants and vehicles to equipment and outfits. Additionally, MANA allows players to transform digital assets into NFT through its Builder module.

The more popular the game becomes and the more in demand its token is, the more the value of the token appreciates.

To better understand the degree of Decentraland’s popularity, in this NFT games you could buy a plot of land for just $20 in 2017, but in 2021 that figure changed and a single plot was worth between $6,000 and $100,000.


The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a metaverse type game built on blockchain technology very similar to Minecraft where players give free rein to their imagination in this virtual world.

It is an open-world NFT games, as its name suggests, where you can explore every corner thanks to your 3D avatar. You will be able to build, monetize and own your own game experiences using the fungigble SAND token, the one chosen by The Sandbox platform.



Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse that combines NFT games with DeFI performance farming. Players can purchase Mobox NFTs, also known as MOMOs, through mystery box releases on Binance NFT or the Binance NFT secondary market.

With their MOMO NFTs, players can farm, engage in combat, and earn cryptocurrency prizes. The platform also gives users the option to exchange their MOMOs, stake them to harvest MBOX tokens, or use them as security in the MOBOX metaverse.

Mobox provides straightforward gameplay that blends elements of free-to-play and real money games. The game sets its sights squarely on NFT interoperability, enabling the user to use their MOBOX assets throughout various titles.


Axie Infinity

This game laid the groundwork for the entire NFT games space and currently has more than 2.7 million monthly active players.

Axie Infinity has become a mini economy of its own, having generated $2.3 billion in revenue. In fact, its own marketplace is second only to OpenSea, with a total trading volume of $3.94 billion.

As for its gameplay, it is characterized by having combats based on the abilities of the Axies, or the protagonist’s fantastic creatures. Therefore, the player takes control of three Axies, which are also interchangeable NFT, and receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as a reward for winning battles.

In order to play the game, it is key to know that each Axie has four main attributes that are susceptible to evolution: health, speed, skill and morale. Likewise, these attributes determine the Axie’s performance in combat.

The price of each Axie NFT can range from $60 to over $300 in the Axie Infinity NFT marketplace. Players can also purchase NFT terrain for their operations, although it tends to be quite expensive.


A recommendation to keep in mind.

One thing we have no doubt about here at Noticias Diarias 24 is that the NFT games space will continue to grow and become more widespread. Although we have only highlighted a few games, there is a vast library of money making games waiting for you to explore.

Due to the current state of the industry, it is advisable to review the status of each of these NFT game projects on a daily basis before making an investment, to avoid losing money.

NFT Games
NFT Games

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