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Digital Marketing LinkedIn: The Key Steps and How to Do Them

Digital Marketing LinkedIn

Digital Marketing LinkedIn

Being the most professional social network available to companies today, it is essential to develop digital marketing LinkedIn strategies. Its main objective is to connect professionals and companies. It is a social network for business, commerce, and employment.

Founded in 2002, it has grown immensely in recent years as it connects companies and professionals to create a business for both parties. Whether you’re creating a profile to find a job or a business page to build brand awareness, it’s important to work with digital marketing LinkedIn to target your profile or business.

What Is Digital Marketing LinkedIn and How It Works

LinkedIn is a social network for companies, businesses, and job seekers.

Based on each user’s profile, the site connects millions of companies, employees, and references across all industries to freely showcase their work experience and skills.

The Internet is affecting the way companies advertise, serve consumers, sell products, and even do business with each other.

LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for B2B companies to develop digital marketing LinkedIn strategies, and for this they need to pay more attention to the company’s image.

  • Build a network of important contacts. Networking with well-known people in their industry can increase their credibility with potential customers.

To increase contacts and become a bridge to potential customers, they must:

  • Include their profile address in their email signature and business card.
  • Add college friends and former colleagues.

  • Use connections for courses, conferences, and other events in the area.
  • Add existing and new premium customer segments.
  • Add interesting contacts to groups on the same LinkedIn.
  • Attract good contacts with exciting updates on their profile.

Take Advantage of Group Potential

Digital Marketing LinkedIn
Digital Marketing LinkedIn

A typical LinkedIn user can join up to 100 groups. To improve their status as a source of interesting content, they should try becoming an active participant in each of these circles.

The following points are worth keeping in mind:

  • Discuss new topics: Find out what’s happening in the industry abroad, read specialized materials, discover innovations, seek expert advice, and start discussions.
  • Maintain frequency: Creating topics or comments once a month is not very useful. Weekly posts can attract a lot of attention within a LinkedIn group. Spend at least 30 minutes a day to see what is being talked about out there.
  • Avoid publicity: If a company or user offers a solution to a potential client, they should do it through a private message.

Digital Marketing LinkedIn: Lead Potential Customers

If you see a contact in a group and think they could become a customer, follow them for updates using the Follow option, as they can serve as leads for a more secure approach.

The Follow option is similar to the Connect option, but it does not depend on the other party accepting it.

Discover the best time to contact potential customers. LinkedIn shows you exactly when your contacts or people you follow have been updated, making it easy to know when a contact is publicly available.

Take advantage of this moment to send a message or call. Think about it, if your customer has time to comment in a group or update their profile, chances are they’ll answer the phone at that time as well.

Take Advantage of Profile Resources

Use professional photos. Profiles with pictures get 21x more views and a 40% higher InMail response rate. Put on your best smile, look straight into the camera, and invest in clothing that is professional.

Focus on what you do, how your digital marketing LinkedIn helps customers, and how best to get in touch with them. Write in the first person, avoid clichés, and reference skills and experience directly related to your current job.

Other interesting options include the possibility of adding certificates, creating presentations using SlideShare, publishing on LinkedIn itself, or on other blogs.

Use this space to add your company materials, an introduction to your product or service, or even a document with several customer stories you’ve been involved with.

Build Good Relationships with Customers

For sellers, no one is more important than their current customers. After all, satisfied consumers can be good promoters of your product or service.

You need to follow consumer posts, comment on interesting news, participate in the same groups, recommend quality material, build trust, and, if possible, get good reviews.

Another tip that is worth putting into practice is to suggest to your clients in which areas you specialize in. It helps build a relationship of respect and trust.

Humanize the contact with additional information about the prospect. LinkedIn provides a variety of information that can be very helpful for the initial call. If you’re a seller, you may not know where to start the conversation. At this point, it helps a lot to have something in common with the prospect.

Search for mutual friends, work connections, topics of interest, discussion groups, colleges, courses abroad, and past workplaces.

Pay attention to how they communicate, especially in group discussions: whether they write more or less, formally or informally, impressive ideas or more participation.

Don’t Be a Spammer

Nobody likes inconveniences. Therefore, always avoid approaching your digital marketing LinkedIn strategy by promoting products or distributing text by copying and pasting in the groups in which you participate as it can be very counterproductive.

Another undesirable attitude is to indiscriminately send invitations to anyone you find interesting. Placing the name of your product or industry countless times in the description can make your profile seem unprofessional and unreliable.

Network members are widely opposed to this approach. Before implementing some of these seemingly tempting actions, evaluate the actions of other users and their impact.

The Secret of Digital Marketing LinkedIn: Adapt to The Algorithm

If you want to be seen, you need to understand the LinkedIn algorithm a bit. The algorithm classifies and rates content and displays it based on followers and personal connections, profile endorsements, interests, and likelihood of engagement.

If you have a lot of followers on the same topic and share daily posts, the number of views will increase.

If you want to get the most out of your digital marketing LinkedIn strategy, you must create relevant content for your contacts. First, there must be a network of contacts from the same market niche with similar interests. They can be your future customers, your future partners.

It is also important to note that the LinkedIn algorithm takes engagement into account. Understand that engagement is customer engagement with your brand.

LinkedIn rates how likely you are to engage with each post. So, it is highly recommended to post and engage daily if you want the algorithm to love you and reward you with more visibility.


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