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Simple Steps That Any Professional Can Take to Implement Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Simple Steps That Any Professional Can Take to Implement Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital marketing in healthcare is a line of marketing aimed at this sector, either to promote services or products, as well as prevention habits.

With digital marketing in healthcare, wellness brands have recently updated the way they communicate with their target audience. The digital marketing trend has gone mainstream in the healthcare industry, and the key to getting good results is finding ways to fit social media, blogs, or websites into the overall communication strategy.

Keeping up with trends in digital marketing in healthcare places a great responsibility on companies in the healthcare industry. The trust, professionalism, and credibility of the brand are at stake.

Digital marketing in healthcare trends allow for a complete SWOT analysis of healthcare services that are provided to the public.

It also measures the competition and what they are doing in terms of marketing. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to define the positioning, the commercial offer to the patient, and learn to communicate it correctly. The main objective of digital marketing in healthcare is to complement the work of all professionals in the sector to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Attract and retain all patients more effectively.
  • Improve patient care.
  • Standardized patient care processes on the first visit.
  • Increase online services and try to integrate them into hospital management.
  • Develop and promote a solid communication strategy that differentiates a company from their competitors.
  • Develop a unique business model that is different but focused on the goal of helping patients.
  • Use communication to resolve any type of crisis in the organization.

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Why Consider Digital Marketing in Healthcare?

Digital transformation is accelerated by the pandemic that has affected all aspects of life. In this sense, it must be taken into account, but companies must have a solid work plan. If you are in the healthcare industry, you should know that implementing a marketing strategy is essential to take the right steps to gain visibility in this new model.


Of the trends in digital marketing in healthcare, this is one that has gained the most strength. Chatbots have already been incorporated into the marketing strategies of other types of businesses, but now they have arrived in the healthcare space. It is a way to automate customer service using bots. The use may vary, but it is common in health centers, or when calling for a medical appointment, etc. Automation is very useful for customer service centers that cannot handle the volume of inquiries they receive. Chatbots make the whole process simple, but require some initial setup.


With advances in medicine in recent years and the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine is receiving more and more attention. Telemedicine is based on the provision of medical services through virtual channels such as social networks, the Internet, or corporate blogs.

During the pandemic, people began visiting doctors via webcams, Zoom, or Google Meet. So, it has become a trend that will continue to gain ground in the healthcare market.

It has some advantages such as the immediacy of the results and the analysis of patients in mild cases. Likewise, telemedicine extends beyond simple consultations to include webinars, conferences, and medical events.

The objective is to simplify and optimize the resources available to improve consultations and information.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare Strategies

User experience is one of the most important factors for any business, especially those in the healthcare industry. Among the trends in digital marketing in healthcare, it is one of the most relevant.

It is very important to manage the optimization of web design, posting structure, social networks, CTAs, and load time improvement. It’s about the way and how people move in the digital space of healthcare companies.

In this case, the experience must be a complete pleasure because it is a quality and professional service. The mission, vision, and values of the company must be reflected in the user experience.

For best results, put yourself in the shoes of the users who will be using the digital space. Empathy helps determine how to run a website, blog, etc.

The healthcare industry is no stranger to paradigm shifts, and everyone involved must adapt to digital transformation to survive.

The trigger for this change in habits is undoubtedly the pandemic and the concentration of patients in medical centers around the world.

Traditional marketing programs must adapt to the digital world and, in addition to automating processes to save time, they must also start using different tools to measure results.

Digital Marketing in Healthcare
Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Define Buyer Personas and Create the Conversion Funnel

Any strategy starts with a very well-defined customer profile, also known as a buyer persona. In other words, these patients see the Internet as an ally to monitor their health.

Between 73% and 90% of Internet users consult on topics such as diseases and health information.

But the healthcare industry is not just about patients; we also find doctors, nurses, pharmacists or nutritionists, among others. Once you’ve identified your target group, you need to focus on how you’ll communicate with each target group, what kind of content they need, and what their knowledge level is.

The classification of each target group can be divided into three main stages:

  • Discovery: This is the stage where users discover the product. This will be the time when you see an eye-catching banner, video, ad, or element on a website.
  • Consideration: A mature stage where the prospect has some interest in the brand or product. Look up references to the drug online, read blogs about the brand, or ask their family doctor or specialist to prescribe the drug.
  • Decision: At this stage, the buyer decides to make the change. This is, for example, buying from an online pharmacy or meeting with a health professional.


Identify Technical Resources and Complete the Digital Marketing in Healthcare Plan

At this stage, available resources must be determined. See if there is a website and blog, how are CRM and other activities such as automating processes and creating attractive content for the audience handled, and how to collect the necessary documentation for the preparation of said digital material. In this sense, it is imperative to adapt all media to the digital environment, for example, to create a flexible, responsive, and intuitive website for health professionals.

As the analysis progresses, an audit should be performed to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the practitioners. So create a roadmap so that you can work with clear and defined objectives.

Once buyers have been identified and defined, channels established, current resources analyzed and optimized, as well as SWOTs and goal sets, it is time to initiate a strategic action plan.

  • Choice of channels: It can be a blog, postings to search engines (SEO for healthcare professionals), running a social media campaign to promote healthcare, developing an email marketing strategy, etc.
  • Establish KPIs to measure results. As a result, digital projects will be continuously monitored so that marketing campaigns aimed at healthcare professionals will be improved.
  • Quantify financial investments: determine the return on investment at the level of intangible results.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

73% of patients search for medical information on the Internet before or after visiting a doctor. These patients can easily be fooled by the vast amount of health information available online.

In a combination of social networks in a digital marketing in healthcare plan, you can share accurate and correct information about symptoms, diseases, medications, treatment, etc.

Today, some web pages comment on certain health problems so that others and medical staff can answer your questions. Many times, these pages are sponsored by health-related organizations to ensure the accuracy of the information.

The benefits of integrating social media campaigns into a healthcare professional’s marketing plan are driving traffic, increasing targeting, and patient retention. If you are a health professional or owner of a medical center, consider these strategies to improve your brand image.

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