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Step-By-Step Guide to Be a Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant

A digital marketing assistant is a person who is in charge of supporting the marketing manager of the company at all times.

Therefore, this assistant belongs to the marketing department, which is why he is involved in the process of positioning services and products in various online channels, as well as in market and competition research.

The digital marketing assistant works closely with product managers and directors of marketing and/or communications, as well as with designers, salespeople, marketers, and others.

In companies, they act as an intermediary between the director of marketing and communication and the research or production department.

They play an important role in the productivity of a company by being involved in the development of a service or product, from the idea to the commercialization.

In large and medium-sized companies or organizations that work in different departments, marketing and communication assistants can also be involved in the sales department.

Responsibilities of The Job

Acting as an intermediary between the company and its clients, digital marketing assistants are responsible for monitoring the client portfolio, preparing budgets, order processes, billing, research on the composition of active databases, etc.

With qualitative and quantitative research and analysis (markets, products, competition, customers), companies can create effective marketing campaigns.

Their primary role, reporting to the director of marketing and communications, is similar to that of an assistant or support officer. However, depending on the size of the company, their objectives, level of involvement, and degree of autonomy may vary.

In large companies, the digital marketing assistant may be required to perform specific tasks as part of the implementation of strategic projects.

They work hand-in-hand with their manager during the implementation of the marketing/communication plan, and are responsible for image promotion activities aimed at enhancing the reputation of the product or brand.

In other words, they are responsible for the proper functioning of the operation throughout the development process.

Digital Marketing Assistant
Digital Marketing Assistant

Tasks Of a Digital Marketing Assistant Within a Company

A digital marketing assistant multitasks and provides valuable support to the entire sales team.

Their main tasks are:

  • Management plan

They are the right hand of the Director of Marketing and Communications. Also, They manage their own schedules and get rid of secondary tasks to save time and focus on more important tasks. They are also responsible for organizing meetings and trips.

  • Commercial investigation

Marketing and communications assistants can also conduct business research activities by phone or email.

  • Phone calls

They will have to use the phone to sell products, convince politicians and influence their will. The assistant develops a research strategy and writes a script for the call, in which they will examine the substance and the form to anticipate the possible responses, and objections of the interlocutor.

  • Mail

After closing a deal with the interlocutor by phone and email address, the digital marketing assistant will be able to send important data (cooperation proposals, new product launches, etc.). In this step, they have to find and use the correct parameters to trade with the customer. Persistence and perseverance are part of their job

  • Participate in the company’s internal communication

The digital marketing assistant plays a key role in internal communication, creating and maintaining a constant dialog between marketing and communication employees. Guarantees the implementation of the company’s communication strategy, ensuring two-way and lateral communication.

  • Participate in the external communication of the company

In general, they are in charge of controlling the supply of goods and services, finding suitable suppliers and establishing the necessary contacts with them to ensure good cooperation between both parties.

They are also responsible for monitoring production, orders, and deliveries to customers.

Necessary Skills to Be a Digital Marketing Assistant

One of the key qualities required for this role is to be an enthusiastic and motivated person, as they will be playing a communication role both internally and externally and it is important to convey this energy and enthusiasm.

A sense of teamwork is equally helpful, as this person is constantly working with everyone from advertising managers to marketing and communications managers.

A good digital marketing assistant must demonstrate an impeccable sense of organization. Their creative talents are essential when developing a product or brand campaign.

In addition, they have good synthetic properties; agencies must be able to analyze marketing research effectively. Since they perform the functions of an intermediary, they must have a sense of responsibility, initiative, and independence in their work.

A digital marketing assistant needs qualities such as charisma, social skills, listening skills, and persuasion to perform their duties successfully.

They must learn office software and some graphic design programs like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, etc. They must also learn one or more foreign languages.

The to-do list is very diverse, and there are several responsibilities that need to be considered to get the job done right.

It is also important for them to update their knowledge in courses and seminars, because this is a fast-growing industry and there are always new things coming up.

Most of their tasks involve new technologies, so it is important to learn them. Marketing is increasingly located in the digital world and consumers are mobile on the Internet, so it is important to adapt to new technologies and be present wherever customers are.

Requirements Requested by Companies

A career in marketing will prepare marketing assistants to work in a variety of industries; every business needs marketing so there is a lot of demand.

If they decide to work in an agency, they will be part of a team that supports the Marketing Director and helps implement the company’s marketing strategy. They must be able to maintain customer relationships and provide frequent administrative support.

The most common requirements demanded by companies are:

  • Technical or university degree in Marketing, administration, or industrial engineering.
  • Knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level.
  • Strategic and operational marketing domain.
  • Marketing planning.
  • Basic-intermediate knowledge of Design.
  • Knowledge of agile innovation methodology.
  • Digital marketing knowledge (social media, SEO, SEM, content marketing, mailing, analytics, search console, sales funnels).
  • Knowledge of Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the Google Docs.
  • Intermediate management of Design Software, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  • Knowledge of using WordPress to upload blog articles.
  • Optimal writing to generate communications and reports.

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