Apps for Developers: Maximizing Efficiency

Apps for Developers

Apps for developers help developers focus on their tasks, reduce distractions, facilitate deep thinking, and complete work on time and with quality.

Of course, you need to be very skilled at writing high-quality code, but you can also rely on using some automation and productivity apps to make certain processes easier.

This can include various tasks such as code searching, task management, testing, time tracking, code execution, password management, etc.

In this article, we will look at some productivity tools for programmers in software development.

Code Search Tool

If you want to understand how a system is organized, you as a programmer need to look at the various files that make up the entire system. It’s hard to find specific code in a large software system with thousands of different programming language files.

Apps for Developers
Apps for Developers

This is where apps for developers with code search tools or code search engines come into play.

–  Search code: Search over 75 billion lines of code with Code Search. It makes code lines available in over 40 million projects and has a search bar where you can type any special character and hit enter.

– The Silver Searcher: Silver Finder is a great tool from to help you find code. It was introduced as a clone of another tool, Ack, which now has different functionality. This tool is incredibly fast, almost 5-10 times faster than Ack.

– Source graph: Sourcegraph allows you to search for code in over a million open-source repositories. During a search, you can enable or disable capital letters, regular expressions, and structural searches in the search field. You can also copy the entire query.

  • Krug le: Enter your query in the Krugle search box to begin searching for your code. It will show the results of thousands of open-source projects based on code patterns entered into the system. This tool also allows you to search for items and perform an advanced search.
  • Google Code Search: Google Code Search is a public code search tool that helps developers explore code without downloading its source code. You can use it in open source projects like Android and Chromium.

Apps for Developers: Automation Tools

Modern software development involves the automation of various stages, from source code analysis, bug checking and testing, to packaging and deployment. Apps for developers with automation tools help developers save more time and increase productivity instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks.

  • Autohotkey

AutoHotkey is a powerful and easy-to-learn automation scripting language for Windows. This free and open source tool makes it easy to create small or complex scripts for various types of tasks, such as macros, auto-clicks, fills, and more.

This automation tool makes it easy to create simple hotkeys with just a few lines of code. You can define keyboard and mouse hotkeys, override autocorrect, and remap buttons or keys.

  • Macro recorder

Forget repetitive tasks; use Macro Recorder to automate all these tedious processes on your computer system. Record keystrokes and mouse events as a recorder for endless playback. The macro recorder has a built-in macro editor that allows you to view reordered steps, record, change pauses, and edit cues. Also, it repeats the recording as many times as necessary to avoid all these repetitive tasks. You can also adjust the playback speed and mouse movement. Macro Recorder is a smart tool that uses image and OCR text recognition instead of static X/Y coordinates to locate clicks.

Testing Tools for Programmers

Writing code is the first step, and it is necessary, yes. But how do you know if it’s working as intended? For this, code testing is very important. You’ll discover flaws, bugs, and issues in your code, making them easier to fix.

For that you can use apps for developers with the features and functionalities that you want and improve the user experience.

  • Ngrok

Ngrok is a tool that provides local servers behind firewalls and NATs to the public Internet through a secure tunnel. It allows you to run various personal cloud services from the comfort of your home. Also, you can test your website without uploading it, test your mobile app by connecting to a locally powered backend, and connect to a stable address on your device. This tool has a powerful local inspector with a live web UI that monitors tunneled HTTP traffic and replays requests with a single click. You can also create a public HTTPS URL for a website running on your local computer.

  • Mkcert

Mkcert is a simple tool that creates a locally trusted development certificate with the name of your choice, with no server configuration required. This is designed to avoid the problems associated with programming using a certificate from a real authority, which may not be possible or dangerous. Not to mention self-signed certificates, which can cause trust issues. Although you can manage your own certificate authority (CA), the process requires manual steps, expertise, and hidden commands. Here, mkcert can automatically help you create a local CA in the system root storage and install it. You can then easily generate a locally trusted certificate.

Password Manager

With the many tools and solutions we use in our personal and professional lives, password management has become essential. Cyberattacks are another factor that puts you at risk, and you may not remember all of them. Therefore, you can use apps for developers with easy-to-use and secure password management tools that can save you unnecessary risk and trouble.

  • LastPass

Manage your passwords from anywhere with LastPass, keeping your secure online life at your fingertips. Whether you need it for business or personal use, you can trust this tool to protect all your passwords. You can save and protect passwords on the various personal devices you use. At the same time, you can secure any access point at work while seamlessly connecting employees to the network. Last Pass is designed to remove the barriers associated with password management. Once you enter your password, it’s always available when you need it. Plus, you can automatically fill in your shipping and payment information when you shop online. Best of all, it allows you to use the built-in password generator to generate strong passwords for better protection against hackers.

  • 1Password

1Password provides an easy way to store passwords and use them whenever you need them. Use this tool to fill out forms and log into the site with just a click. Today, more than 80 companies use 1Password to protect their passwords and business data. 1Password comes with Secrets Automation to organize, manage, and protect your commercial files. You can also use this tool to share logins, credit cards, passwords, and more with people you trust, saving every password you have.

Apps for Developers: Code Execution

The code execution displays the result that you will get from the code that you provide as input. When writing code for a particular function, make sure you get the desired result. Several apps for developers with code execution tools are available for this task, such as:


Create your code in a collaborative sandbox with Code Sandbox and share it with your team to get feedback for fast and easy software development. You don’t need to perform any sandbox configuration; use templates for new projects, or use GitHub repositories to start coding in seconds. Sandbox provides a lightning-fast web development environment and is highly collaborative, providing quick feedback asynchronously or in real time, just like Google Docs. All changes made will be reflected online immediately after writing the code. You can also share your code via a URL so your team can see it. Other included features include rapid prototyping, knowledge sharing, npm support for public and private packages; support for frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and GitHub integration.

  • Geekflare

A simple yet powerful tool: Geekflare’s online compiler is another good option for code execution. It allows you to quickly run code in 10 programming languages. To start using this tool, simply select a language and run the code without configuration. It supports Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, C, C#, C#, Ruby, Bash, and Haskell. This tool is provided by Judge0 and is completely free for educational purposes.


Programmers must remain productive throughout the software development life cycle. From coding to testing and launching, many apps for developers will help you save time on repetitive tasks and spend time on high-quality tasks.

You can also use it to optimize your computer performance and improve your focus and concentration. I hope the above-mentioned apps for developers will help you save time and work more efficiently. If you’d like to learn more about this subject, visit


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